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A native, scalable decentralized exchange on the Cardano Blockchain

A Decentralized Exchange (DeX)

An ownerless marketplace for efficient cryptocurrency transactions.

Democratize Ownership & Profits

Deconstruct the walled garden profits of classic financial institutions.

Efficient Liquidity

Level up beyond constant product pools and put your capital to work.

A Foundation for a Wealth of Products

Attract assets that can empower an ecosystem of financial products.

Initial Stake Pool Offering (ISO)

An innovative approach towards fundraising DeFi projects using tools found natively on the Cardano blockchain.

Profoundly Trust Oriented

Minimize risk to your initial capital, and demand accountability.

Cardano Empowering

Invest in the security of the Cardano Blockchain with Partner pools & promote future staking.

Engage a Community

Spread opportunity among many, not the few or the lucky.

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Product Roadmap

2021 - Q2

  • Publish White Paper
  • Education campaign
  • Marketing Campaign
  • Tokenomics finalized

2021 - Q3

  • Publish Audit Results
  • Launch on Cardano blockchain
  • Bug Bounty Program
  • Initial Stake Pool Offering (TBD)
  • Token Distribution

2021 - Q4

  • Limit Orders
  • Direct Swaps

2022 - Q1

  • Extra Toppings

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